Hirondelle Medical

Market context.

An undeniable economic interest.


Accuracy of pedicle screw placement is not a new topic in the world of spine surgery. In fact, before Hirondelle Medical, other manufacturers tried to find solutions to this problem, with varying degrees of success.

Several paths have been taken to meet this purpose:

• Intra-operating room navigation systems to visualize the anatomy precisely and help guide the surgeon through the patient’s body. Reaching up to 95% of precision as mentioned in medical context.

• Other new innovative guidance technologies to know in which part (tissue, cortical bone, spongy bone) the positioning bone access needle is located via different sound signals.

A large market.

The only existence of these techniques and instruments proves the immense interest of the market for this kind of technological innovation. 

These innovations do not meet all expectations and bring limitations:

• Significant investments in capital equipment for navigation (+1M$), as well as consumables and maintenance like any imaging device are needed.

• A significant learning curve for the surgeon is a limiting factor.

• Loss of time and lots of radiation in the operating room.


An innovating alternative for a growing market.

Precise does not actually position itself as a direct competitor to these techniques, but rather as an alternative solution offering:

• A tool easy to set up and requiring no investments in capital equipment.

Up to 99% accuracy of well-positioned screws and with a learning curve of barely 5 interventions.

• A precious time saving solution for surgeons and a significant reduction of imaging used in the operating room.