Hirondelle Medical

Nos valeurs.

Integrity, excellence and proximity.


Made in France.

Hirondelle Medical is a French company committed to offering you a technique and instrument to improve the conditions for placing pedicle screws, all in an environmentally safe manner. 

This is why we develop and maximize the production of our PRECISE solution in France with strict regulatory monitoring.


A reknown Know-How.

Excellence is the essence of what we do. Our mission is to offer you a high-quality solution made in France. France is a pioneer in spinal implants with worldwide recognition in spinal orthopaedics.

Hirondelle Medical is no exception and our PRECISE solution takes advantage of all the know-how of the French medical sector.


Follow, learn and evolve.

Our PRECISE solution is all about proximity. Hirondelle Medical’s technique has been designed to approach surgery and follow-up needs as closely as possible. Our technology is focused on improving surgical conditions and the treatment of patients, and reflects our attentiveness and dialogue between patients and medical teams.