Hirondelle Medical

Medical context.

Precision, our concern.

A persistent problem.

Since their invention by Dr. Cotrel and Dr. Dubousset, the use of pedicle screws to treat most spinal disorders, such as instabilities and deformities, has become essential for spinal surgeries all over the world.

However, the precision required to place these screws remains a crucial concern during surgical procedures, as the anatomy can sometimes be complex.

Worrying figures.

Studies have been conducted on the accuracy of screw placement and the results show that there is a real problem with the techniques used:

0 %

of pedicle screws are misplaced using conventional techniques 

5% using surgical navigation techniques. (1)

0 %

(on average) of patients suffer from neurological symptoms after spinal surgery. 

0 %

of patients undergo revision surgery to correct misplaced screws, with a higher percentage in conventional surgery. (2)


in additional costs paid by hospitals due to revision surgeries.  (3)

The misplacement of the screws and the resulting complications have a negative impact on the reputation of medical institutions and surgeons involved.

(1) Studies by Ioanis D Gelalis & al. In 2011 – Shin and Mason in 2012 and 2014.

(2) Studies by Jens Fichtner & al. World neurosurg 2017 – Amato V & al. J Neurosurg Spine. 2010 – Shimizu T & al. EUR Spine J. 2015.

(3) Studies by Watkins & al. The Open Orthopedics Journal 2010 – Dea N & al. The Spine Journal. Published Online 2015

An alternative solution.

This finding and experience in the field gave shape to a vision driven by two physicians and a team of professionals in the medical device market: Hirondelle Medical. They have developed a new technique, meeting the surgical needs of practitioners, in order to achieve the best possible outcome for patients.